Sign Maintenance and Repair

Sign maintenance and repair service

Make sure your brand is always presented under a positive light by keeping your sign in perfect condition: functioning and looking like the first day. Maintenance is a way to protect your investment, so don't take it lightly and make sure to have them serviced regularly.

Many factors can affect your illuminated signs: humidity, fungus, wrong selection of materials, lack of maintenance, weather conditions, vinyl burned by sunlight or broken, lights that do not work, and even an inadequate installation. Whatever the problem, we know signs inside and out and can make yours look like new.

Non-lit signs need maintenance too, but it's a job that can mostly be taken care of in-house. Make sure your non-lit signs are dusted and cleaned following the manufacturer indications and look for any changes that indicate they need more than just a light cleaning.

When cleaning your non-lit signs, make sure to:

  • Use only a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge to loosen dirt.
  • Use lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not use detergents that contain abrasives, chlorine, or ammonia. Make a test on a small area first.
  • Rinse all sponges and cloths frequently and keep them free of grit.
  • If your sign is made of stainless steel, avoid stains by drying the surface after rinsing.
  • Do not overclean.

NT-Signs provides signs maintenance and repair at very competitive prices. We serve the cities of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Carrollton, Lewisville, Irving, and all the cities in the Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Give us a call or email us today, and a specialist will contact you to set an appointment to check your signage and tell you how we can make your signs look brand-new again.