Prime Sign Installation and Survey Services

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You know what the perfect sign for your business is. But, is the intended placement appropriate?

Installations and Surveys are part of our portfolio of services because both are important to the effectiveness of your signs.

Here are some aspects we take into account when making a Site Survey:

  1. Is the structural support available for the sign appropriate?
  2. Is the location convenient?
  3. Will there be other signs close to yours? Will your sign be noticeable there?
  4. Which are the required permits for the type of sign and the location?
  5. For lit signs, we will make sure there is an electrical outlet/energy box available. If not, we will present you with an installation project.

Although not all signs require a survey, it is advisable to ask if yours need one before undertaking the designing phase. You are ready now to have your sign designed, manufactured, and installed.

Only certified experts, approved by cities, can install signs. Our installers can install your signage in any city across the US. Yes, we install countrywide. We have the tools, safety equipment, and qualified personnel that will ensure a successful installation.

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