Push Thru Letters

Push thru letters sign

Push-Thru Letters Signs are made by routing a shape in a sheet of metal (the face) and then routing the same (but smaller) shape from another material, often clear acrylic. The face goes inside a cabinet, and the interior is illuminated, usually using LEDs.

The lit, graphic element of the sign, will be raised over the surface, for a dramatic 3D effect. Precision is key to achieve these signs sophisticated, high-tech look.

The edges can be sandblasted or polished, while the letters can be transparent, or a vinyl film can be applied to them to achieve the desired color. Push-thru letters signage is suitable for both interior and exterior usage.

NT-Signs can design, build, and install a sign consistent with your visual identity, with the highest quality standards. And if you already have a design, we will make a sign according to your specifications and install it anywhere in the 50 states.

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