Channel Letters

Front-lit with raceway channel letters sign

Channel Letters, also referred to as dimensional letters, are custom tridimensional signs, usually made of metal or plastic. Generally, they are illuminated and mounted directly on the facade of buildings, although they can also be attached to the structure that contains the sign's electrical components.

What does set channel letter signs apart? Each element is manufactured individually, making it possible to produce highly customized signage. We can paint the letters using colors from your brand palette or even apply designs to their surface. As for the materials, acrylic is generally the choice for the letters, while the channels can be made using aluminum or steel. 

We can light Channel Letters using LED lights or neon. Although non-lit channel letters are not as common, sometimes they are suitable. Every sign is unique, and we will ponder the convenience of a lighted versus a non-lit sign with you.

Typography is not an issue since the letters and graphic elements used in your sign will be manufactured individually. As for the size, we work in a wide range of sizes. We will determine the perfect size for your sign. 

At NT-Sign Services, we use the best available materials to guarantee your signs will last. If you want to impact your potential customers, a Channel Letter sign is the perfect solution.