Channel Letters

Front-lit with raceway channel letters sign

Channel Letters are personalized signs made of metal or plastic that are usually used as exterior labels on commercial/public buildings. Normally, they are illuminated in the interior. Channel Letters signs can be mounted directly on the facade of a building or can be installed to a structure that serves as a container for the electrical components of the sign (power supply), as the mountable structures.

This type of electronic signage is attractive to the eye and can be a great addition to any kind of business. A fundamental difference between the NT-Sign Channel Letters with other types of signs is that the letters (canalized) are 3-D. Each letter is elaborated individually and each has their own enclosure. These letters (usually made of acrylic) can be painted with a personalized design to contrast the surface’s color- these can be your logo’s colors or any other preferred option. The Channel is usually constructed with aluminum, but steel can also be used. Aluminum is a viable option for it is light and it does not rust with the passing of time.

Channel Letters illuminated by NEON or LED lights without illuminated channels can also be an option. They are not very common but they will function appropriately for certain applications. Our Channel Letters come in a wide range of size and typography (we can also fabricate personalized logos and typography). In NT-Sign Service we are
experts in this kind of lettering and we use the best materials available in the market on every single one of our products. This guarantees durability and less worry about sign maintenance. (We also offer sign maintenance services).

A sign with Channel Letters is the perfect solution if you are looking to have more impact and presence in the market world.

Catch people’s attention and give a great first impression through modern lettering.