Backlit Channel Letters

Back-lit and Front-lit letters sign at Circo Restaurant, Dallas, Texas

Elegant. Prestigious. Classy. If those words come to your mind when you think about the sign for your business, then a Back-lit Sign is the right choice.

Also known as Backlit Channel LettersReverse Channel Letters, Backlit Letters Signs, and Halo Lit Signs, this type of signage is produced with aluminum faces and returns. These channel letters are mounted away from the wall, so a halo forms behind them. The sign seems to float over the surface, resulting in a dramatic effect.

These signs can go from 10”H to 48”H tall and the depth of the return usually goes from 3” to the standard 5”. Stud mount and rail mount are available. Usually, LEDs are used as the light source.

Back-lit signs require an electrical outlet/energy box available. In case you need one installed, the NT Signs Service Team can submit an installation project. We install signs anywhere in the US.

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