Neon Letters Prestige Signage

'Coca Cola' neon sign on aluminum sign

The uniqueness and cool vintage vibe associated with Neon Signs are certainly linked to the comeback of this type of signage. As LED-based signs became popular, their neon counterparts started to stand out thanks to their aesthetic value. They perform great for restaurants, night clubs, interior design, reception areas, bars, luxury boutiques, logos, cafeterias, and car rentals, among others, but sometimes they are used as decorative items.

Front-Open Channel Letters with Neon are made of a dimensional letter in aluminum on the back and sides (returns). They have a clear face or do not have a sign face at all so that the internal neon is exposed.

Back-Lit Channel Letters with Neon combine standard Front-Lit Letters along with Reverse/Halo Lit Letters. The sides of the letters are made of aluminum, the faces are made of polycarbonate and the back of the sign is open to reflect the neon illumination on the wall.

Making great neon signs is an art. We are proud of ours.

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