Monument and Pole Signs

Multi-tenant monument sign at S Cooper St, Arlington, Texas

Make sure your business gets noticed with a Monument Sign

Monument signs are freestanding signs that combine graphic and structural design, identifying the business location. The structure is made of permanent materials, such as concrete, brick, or aluminum.

Available in single and multi-tenant versions, Monument Signs can also display information and promotional messages, using changeable reader boards or LED panels.

Lighted monument signs require an electrical outlet/energy box. If it is not available, we can present you with an installation project. Our certified experts can install all types of signs, countrywide, ensuring a successful installation.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs work very well for shopping malls and office buildings. They include multiple signage cabinets to accommodate different tenants.

Monument signs are suitable for:

  • Business and shopping plazas
  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Increase your business visibility with a Pole Sign

If your goal is to be noticeable from a distance, you need a Pole Sign. Those very tall signs are impossible to miss from the road or highway.

Pole signs can be single or multi-tenant, lighted, or unlit. Multi-tenant pole signs feature cabinet signs that allow to include information for different businesses.

Choosing the best location for your pole sign will guarantee maximum exposure. We can assist you, from choosing placement to designing and installing the sign. We install all types of signage, countrywide.

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