Non Lit Signs

Dimensional letters shop sign

Why Choose a Non-Lit Sign?

Although this question is frequently asked, the answer is really quite simple. A client must consider if an Illuminated Sign is best fit for their location/type of business. If the client’s work hours end before dark, the local has good visibility, and there isn’t much competition on their street, then a Non Lit Sign is sure to fulfill their needs and advertise their business.

If a customer would like to add more detail to their sign to increase its potential, then a Non Lit Sign with an illuminated Flag will capture their intended audience’s attention.

What Style of Non Lit Signs are Available?

We are aware that every business has different advertising needs. This is why we provide a large variety of Non Lit Signs o meet these requirements. Next, you will read about all of the characteristics about each sign so you can choose what you are most interested in.