Carved Signs

Carved sign sample. Stonegate Mortgage logo.

Carved Signs have a unique, vintage character, and when made of real wood, they have a hand-made look. There are also artificial materials that imitate the aspect of wood surprisingly well.

Placement is a factor to contemplate when choosing the material for your sign. It is also essential to ensure its durability. Some woods are more resistant to the elements than others. You can also consider a composite like HDU (High-Density Urethane) as a suitable alternative to wood. HDU allows us to create signs with the look of wood, and the advantage that it does not rot or warp.

Painting or gilding carved elements produces a beautiful effect. In addition to carving, these signs can also be engraved.

Carved elements can be used in blade signs, hanging signs, monument signs, and directional signs. We find Carved Signs particularly suitable for restaurants, golf clubs, reception desks, log cabin hotels, and attorney offices.

At NT-Signs, we can create a custom sign that integrates your logo and your brand color palette.

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