Stand Off Signs

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Interior and Exterior Usage

Standoff signs are panel signs that are mounted on the wall using special brackets, usually called standoffs, that give them a raised look.

Aluminum, acrylic, glass, plexiglass, and aluminum composites, such as Dibond, are some of the materials we use to make standoff signs. Although they are commonly employed to display directories, they can also be used as nameplates, building number signs, restroom signs, directional signs, and logos.

While they are usually rectangular, we can create custom shapes if you want a unique cut for your sign, for instance, a panel in your logo shape. Different materials can be combined to obtain a more elaborated sign. Depending on the materials used, raised lettering and etching are possible.

Standoff signs can be displayed indoors and outdoors. For outdoor usage, we recommend sturdy materials, such as acrylic, plexiglass, and aluminum. Contact Us to talk about your signage needs, and we will make sure your standoff sign is beautiful and built to last.

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