Banners ( Classic )

Banner displaying Brimnes TV unit by Ikea. Grand Prairie, Texas

Banners are very popular because they are an inexpensive, portable and proven way of advertising. 

Classic Banners are made of light, flexible materials, like cloth or vinyl, that are hung or strung from hooks or cords. They are often used to announce events and openings. Banners work well for short-term signage and in-home use, or they can be fabricated out of durable materials for long-term reuse indoors and out.

They can be single and double-sided, in standard or custom sizes. Matte finish is preferred when they are going to be used as backgrounds for photos. Whatever the purpose of your banner always keep in mind:

  1. Choose readable fonts. A beautiful font is not necessarily easy to read.
  2. Select the banner size according to the distance you want it to be seen and,
  3. Use a large font size: for the best readability make sure the text is large enough. We can help to determine the right text size for the banner size and your message. 
  4. Select colors that catch attention. Colors are part of your brand. Let's choose those that can be easily identified with yours and, at the same time, stand out.
  5. Keep your message simple and be direct. 

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