Magnetic Signs

Magnetic sign sample with NT Signs logo

Magnetic signs are made of vinyl with a magnetic back. Flexible and light, they are a cost-effective alternative to vehicle lettering, but you can use them on other surfaces too.

They do not damage the car paint and can be used over and over. We will design a magnetic sign that will highlight your brand, including important information, such as your business name, phone number, social media, and website.

For automobiles, we recommend magnetic signs from 5” x 5” to 24” x 18”. Custom sizes are available.

Magnetic signs adhere to ferrous metal surfaces. This means they work on most cars. They will not attach, though, to metals like aluminum alloys and stainless steel. They also don't stick to fiberglass. Not sure about yours? We can tell you if a magnetic sign will work on your vehicles.

We can print Magnetic Signs in full color. We custom design them so your sign will be unique. Take care of them, and you will be able to use and reuse them for years.

To keep them in top condition, follow these simple tips:

  1. Remove your magnetic signs with care. Lift them by the sides. In cold weather, magnetic signs can become stiff, making it harder to apply or remove them. Please be careful when applying or removing them in those conditions.
  2. Clean them using a mild detergent. Dry them using a soft cloth or air dry.
  3. Store magnetic signs flat and avoid extreme temperatures. Your car trunk is not ideal for storing them. If you must roll them, unroll before use and allow them to return to their original flat shape before reapplying.

Do you need some magnetic signs? At NT Signs we will get yours ready in record time.

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