Window Graphics (Perforated)

Vinyl decal lettering ('Our chicken makes life more flavorful') at Pollo Campero Restaurant, Arlington, TX

Perforated Window Graphics signs are an excellent tool to promote your business. You can emphasize your trade by using window graphics, vehicle wraps, and decorative graphics for your store. This will aid in attracting and engaging customers.

Perforated Window Graphics signs are composed of a film on a solid coating or a white perforated cover. When the product is finished, you will be able to see outside of your store/car through the graphic while the potential clients will be observing your logo/brand (during the daytime). At nighttime, the clients outside of the store/car will have a clear view of the interior of your business.

Perforated Window Graphics signs have three styles:

1P- Perforated Window 50/50 1.5mm holes.

2P- Perforated Window 65/35 1.5mm holes. (Not recommended for vehicles).

3P- Perforated Window 50/50 2 holes per mm. (This is the best version and the graphics will show on both faces).

Perforated Window Graphics allows you to fulfill your vision with freedom of choice.

Tips for the Installation of Perforated Window Signs

  • Before applicating the final product, a test run must take place to guarantee the desired results. You must make sure that there is no coating that will hinder the adhesion of the label Perforated Window Graphics should not be applicated on rubber, bumpers, or any slick surface (if the client wants to change the vinyl wrap).
  • Clean your background window with IPA. Do NOT use Windex or any product based on ammonia.
  • Always make sure that the window and The Perforated Window Graphics are moistened with the special product.
  • Utilize a 0.25” brush (6mm) to apply the seal and finish the application in an orderly manner. All of the exposed borders and seams must be sealed. This will prevent water and pollutants from going under the film and obstructing the visibility of the adhesive.
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