Window Graphics (Perforated)

Vinyl decal lettering ('Our chicken makes life more flavorful') at Pollo Campero Restaurant, Arlington, TX

Perforated Window Graphics are useful to promote in-store sales, provide information, decorate, and increase brand awareness. You can apply them to storefronts, glass doors, car windows, and, in general, to any glass surface. Combine graphics and lettering to create unique pieces to attract and engage customers. 

Perforated Window Graphics signs are composed of a film on a solid coating or a white perforated cover. The perforations make the sign see-through from the inside while the sign is visible from the outside. 

Choosing the right type of material and design is vital to take advantage of this type of sign, but we are here to help you navigate the available options.

Perforated Window Graphics are recommended for long term use. There are three available styles:

  • 1P-Perforated Window 50/50 1.5mm holes.
  • 2P-Perforated Window 65/35 1.5mm holes. Not recommended for vehicles.
  • 3P-Perforated Window 50/50 2 holes per mm. (The graphics will show on both faces).

These signs are easy to install. We provide detailed instructions so you can do it yourself, but we can also install them for you.

Tips for the installation of Perforated Window Signs

  • Apply to a clean window/glass. Remove any visible dirt and then clean the window using Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), or soap and water. Do NOT use ammonia-based glass cleaners, such as Windex®, or any product that leaves a film behind.
  • Moisten both the window and the sign.
  • Use a 0.25” brush to apply the seal. Make sure to apply it to all borders and seams. This will prevent water and dirt from getting under the sign.


To extend the life of your Perforated Window Graphics, clean them regularly. 

  1. Remove any visible dirt using a soft cloth.
  2. Use warm, soapy water to clean them. Rinse.

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